New Boss Manual

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New Boss Manual

A replacement part for the Tippmann Boss leather sewing machine.

    2 Reviews

  • Posted by Art on Dec 6th 2017


    Boss Sticher Manuel

    its excellent I was able to go right to the parts page and get parts #'s and order the parts I needed parts already in & I'm good to go

  • Posted by Unknown on Mar 10th 2017


    Just print your own copy off the site!

    I own a Boss and all accessories except the bench and bought them new from Tippmann. All are high quality and I Love it! I never got a printed manual back then and thought I'd like to have a sturdy copy with the machine so I didn't have to look up the online version or use a home printed cheesy version. Well, should have just printed one out at home! The $12.00 cost with shipping was a waste of money because it is missing pages provided on the online version, namely the maintenance and lube section. I guess an old fart like me doesn't fit well in this "paperless" society! LOL! I expected a manual with more substance.