Accessory Kit Box, Boss

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Accessory Kit Box, Boss

A replacement part for the Tippmann Boss leather sewing machine.

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  • Posted by NJP on Dec 5th 2017


    Not What expected

    For several years, I have wanted some type of stitching or sewing machine for my leather work. I was extremely excited when I happened upon a Tippmann Boss. It was used, but that did not bother me. I needed to buy needles, thread, bobbins, an additional foot, and several other accessories. I saw the Accessory Kit Box and was just OCD enough to purchase it because the picture shows the Tippmann label on the top. I could have purchased a plain nondescript box at WalMart, Harbor Freight, etc., However I wanted a "Tippmann" labeled box to distinguish it from all my other multiple boxes. When it arrived, I was excited to put all my accessories in, However, when I opened it up, I was disappointed to discover it was just a plain, unlabeled box. It functions fine.....but why did I spend the extra money to get this one?