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Welcome to our collection of manuals for the Tippmann Industrial Products, guiding you through their handling and operation. Whether you prefer English, Spanish, or French, we've got you covered with our multilingual offerings on some of our manuals.


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Unlock the full potential of your "BOSS" Leather Hand Stitcher! For detailed instructions on how to optimize stitch lengths, adjust tension, and more, delve into the operation manual. Maximize your crafting experience and ensure professional results with just a glance at the manual.

Explore the limitless possibilities of die cutting with our Clicker series! For detailed guidance on operating your Clicker 1500 or Clicker 700 Die Cutting Machine, refer to the shared operation manual. Discover how to optimize cutting pressure, load materials effortlessly, and unlock a world of perfect die cuts with ease. Dive into the manual now for flawless results every time!

Tippmann's Needle and Thread Guide – your key to flawless stitching! From With Groz Beckert needles and American & Efird thread, quality is guaranteed. Get started for precision sewing at your fingertips!

This kit is designed to enhance your Boss equipment's performance and durability with rubber stops, washers, and bolts. If your serial number falls between 2300 and 10475, this will improve the feel of the Boss and ensure long life of the Gear Rack and AR-10 gear. Installation is quick and easy, taking just 5 minutes.

In the wilderness, Onzaamidoon Wiijayaaw Awakaanag weaves tradition into every stitch of his Moose Puckertoe Mocs. Selecting supple moosehide with reverence, he crafts each pair with wisdom passed down through generations. From cleaning and dyeing with natural pigments to the meticulous stitching, every step resonates with the spirit of the land and its inhabitants. These moccasins, more than mere footwear, embody a timeless story of craftsmanship and the enduring connection between humanity and nature.

Tippmann Boss (Instructional Video)

Material Guide for the Tippmann Boss

Flatbed Accessory for Tippmann Boss Leather Sewing Machine

Gear Rack Upgrade

Presser Feet - Left & Right Toe (Zipper Feet

Tippmann Cobbler Bench

Presser Feet - Standard


Presser Feet - Center

Material Guide Installation

Presser Feet - Fleece

PROPERLY Threading your Tippmann Boss