Tippmann Flatbed Attachment

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The Flatbed Attachment allows the user to sew thin materials without the material slipping or shifting out of place.

  • Heavy duty (1/4" thick)
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Simple to install
  • Outside Dimensions 10" X 10"

FLATBED attachment ships with flat edge material guide which bolts to the bed, adjusts for depth, and when not in use flips out of the way.

An accessory for the Tippmann Boss.

Works with the Boss Leather Stitcher Sewing Machine  http://www.tippmannindustrial.com/tippmann-boss-leather-sewing-machine-p-29.html


    8 Reviews

  • Posted by J.B. Smith on Apr 23rd 2018


    Table Attachment

    Works very well and is sturdy and easy to install.

  • Posted by Humberto on Mar 26th 2018


    Fantastic attachment.

    It's just such a joy working on projects when you have this attachment on your Boss. Leather and fabrics run so much smoother and straighter. I totally love it

  • Posted by Dave B on Jul 25th 2017


    Solved some problems

    This really helped in doing edge stitching. Made very simple after fighting it!

  • Posted by Linda Reid on Jun 5th 2017


    Better Sewing

    This accessory makes things so much easier to handle. Installation was easy for the flatbed plate. As for the guide that came with it, It would have been nice to have a installation instruction sheet. I finally figured it out. I had to file out the slot to get the screw to fit in it. Also the design is a bit flawed. the swing out part move out with the leather i'm sewing and it cannot be tightened. And you cannot really get as close to the leather's edge without the needle's pressure foot hitting the guide every time it comes down.. If there is a work around please share it with me. Thanks

  • Posted by Earl on May 22nd 2017


    Nice addition

    This is a nice addition to the Boss. I waited until I saw a 30% off sale. I make mostly holsters and the flatbed allows me to handle the materials more efficiently. The addition of the flatbed does makes bobbin changes a bit more challenging. Simple installation but I had to take a dremel to the guide slot to allow the mounting screw to pass through. Overall happy that I purchased the flatbed.

  • Posted by Darrell Fenton on May 10th 2017


    Flatbed accessory is a hit.

    I enjoyed installing my new flatbed accessory. The unit installed quickly and all the parts where there to make the installation easy. I highly recommend the flatbed. The flatbed is great when working with small objects.

  • Posted by Lee on Mar 30th 2017


    Flatbed Attachment

    Shipped to me very quickly, arrived in good shape, mounted easily to Boss, the only problem is that the material guide mounting Allen screw did not fit through the mounting slot. I had to file the slot to get the screw through to mount the material guide that came with the flatbed attachment.

  • Posted by Tim on Feb 20th 2017


    works great

    The flatbed works great with my Boss. Easy to install as well