Tippmann Boss Leather Sewing Machine Deluxe Package

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AR w/ AR-MC19


The "BOSS" Leather Hand Stitcher with Master Crafter Accessory Pack

Sew through leather, up to 3/4 thick. This machine will also sew nylon, canvas, urethane, plastic, sheepskin, etc. No need to worry about cords, outlets or mechanical hook-ups because this machine is designed to be completely self sufficient. A simple pull of the handle is all it takes to start stitching. The Tippmann Boss Leather Sewing Machine completes a precise lock stitch with every pull of the handle. The Tippmann Boss is fully adjustable on stitch lengths, thread sizes, needles, tension, etc. You can count on the Boss to deliver accuracy and consistency on every stitch. Designed and built with a rugged cast-aluminum housing, the Boss will give you many years of service. Whether it's crafting or repairing, you will be satisfied with the professional results. The Boss comes with a one year warranty on all parts and labor and a 30 day money-back guarantee.

Complete accessory pack for the Boss Hand Stitcher save 10% when you get the Deluxe Package

  • Material guide attachment - insures consistent stitching distance from the edge
  • Stirrup attachment - raises the material off of the needle plate, allowing you to sew into crevices
  • Left pressor foot - also known as the zipper foot, allows you to sew closer than 1/8" to the right edge of your material
  • Right pressor foot - also known as the zipper foot, allows you to sew closer than 1/8" to the left edge of your material
  • Center foot - this foot has a closed loop and allows you to sew up to 1/8" to either the right or the left edge
  • Fleece foot - this foot is ideal for fleece, wool other materials which are prone to snagging
  • 6 Additional bobbins


Tippmann Boss ships with:

  • Assortment of 10 needles  ( Two 7x3 160, two 7x3 180, two 7x3 200, two 794200, two 794250)
  • 1 spool of thread  ( quarter spool of 277W)
  • 2 bobbins
  • Allen Wrenches and Screwdriver
  • Spool thread stand
  • Manual
  • Bobbin Winder


Make Tippmann
Model Boss
Feed Type Needle Feed/Lower Needle Guide
Stitch Type Lock Stitch
Bed Cylinder Bed
Throat Depth 6.5"
Stitch Cycle Rate Variable, 1-100 Stitches per Minute
Maximum Sewable Thickness 3/4"
Needle System 794 Series and 7X3
Thread Sizes 69 to 415
Stitch Length Adjustment 4 per inch - 16 per Inch Adjustable
Machine Weight 21 lbs
Shipping Weight 23 lbs



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  • Posted by Kenny Garzzillo on Nov 13th 2017


    Boss machine is the BOSS

    I was looking at the Boss and the Cowboy Electric and am so happy that I went with the boss. Easy assembly, great tech support. The Boss works fantastic and is quick and easy. I highly recommend this machine for all your sewing.