Clicker 700 Air Accumulator

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Clicker Air Accumulator (Power Pack) for Tippmann Clicker 700 Die Cutting Machine

An accessory for the Tippmann Clicker. The Air Accumulator will speed up your die cutting press and cut your cylce time in half. The Air Accumulator holds an extra shot of air in the tank, to quickly deliver another cycle, without having to pull from your air compressor each time you cycle your die cutting machine.


What model does it fit?

The accumulator system can be used on the Clicker 700

How does it speed up the cycle time?

The Accumulator System speeds up your cycle time in two different ways. First, the air tank holds enough air for one stroke of the press, which can dump into the press faster than traveling through the air hose. Second, the stock press is designed so that your air travels through the control box and then into the bladder. The 'Power Valve' with the Accumulator System reroutes your air so that it doesn't travel through your control box before it gets to the bladder.

How much faster will my press operate?

On the Clicker 1500, you should notice your 'fill time' reduce from 4-5 seconds to 1-2 seconds. On the Clicker 700, it "slams" up to reduce your 'fill time' to less than 1 second.


Installation video for 7 ton and 15 ton accumulator: