Ron Jamieson: Featured Customer Of The Month!

Published by Rachel Fogerty on Dec 20th 2016

Introducing our Featured Customer of the month,

Ron Jamieson!

Jamieson -1

Name: Ron Jamieson

Company Name: Jamieson Custom Knives

How did you first get started in leather crafting? I first began leather crafting while I was in the military in the 1970's.

What Tippmann Machine(s) do you have? The Boss hand stitcher

How long have you had your Tippmann Machine? I've had my machine for eight years.

Jamieson knife sheaths
Jamieson knife sheaths

How did you decide to purchase this/these machine? I was tired of hand sewing knife sheaths.

Do you recommend any accessories? A separate holder for thread.

Any tips or tricks you recommend for this/these machine(s)? Make sure your tension is correct.

What do you enjoy most about leather crafting? Satisfaction in being able to duplicate quality sheaths.

What else should we know about your leather crafting experience? It is enjoyable.

What is your favorite item that you have made with your machine? Knife sheaths

Now for some fun questions:
What is your favorite dessert? King cake

What is your favorite song? Night moves

If you could choose where to live, would it be the beach or the mountains? Mountains

Do you have any other hobbies? Crafts

Jamieson knife sheaths
Jamieson knife sheaths

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