Tippmann Embosser - DISCONTINUED

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This machine is no longer available.

1 Machine With 3 Great Features

The Tippmann EMBOSSER is designed to achieve precision quality embossing, creasing, and cutting of leather. This machine offers extreme durability and maximum owner satisfaction. Emboss, crease, and cut leather with the simple to use hand crank.

We manufacture an extensive variety of embossing rolls with dozens of sizes and patterns. We also carry a complete line of single and double edge creasing wheels, ranging in size from 1/2" to 1 1/2" width.

EMBOSSER ships with: 1/4" Serpentine embossing roll, 1 cutting blade, 2 single line grooving rolls, 1 set of 1" flat single edge creasing rolls and 1 set of 1" domed double edge creasing rolls, 2 allen wrenches, 1 instructional DVD and 1 manual